About me

Hello World! My name is Kacper. I’m from Poland, precisely from a small village near Wrocław. I’m 22yo, and I’m in my first year IT studies. I’m at the beginning of my programming adventure, so don’t take me as a master on this blog.

I keen on reading books, running, especially in the forest. Yeah, forest and nature are very important for me, there I feel Slavic wild power 😉 I listen to a lot of diverse music, including Classical music, like Chopin, etc. I’m hungry for knowledge and I want to develop myself.


On this blog, I want to improve my English. I learn English, but I need more practice, so I thought, „Ok, do something more and don’t be scary”. I am not a specialist in Programming or other IT things, but I really like it, and that’s become my passion. I just link two nice options: learn English + write about my programming develop. I want to enjoy this learning process, just it.

PS. Don’t be angry about my stupid language mistakes. If you can help me with my English, correct me in comments, I really appreciate that.