Devpost #11 My first initial conversation with the client about the system design!

A few days ago, I had a telephone from the Owner of some company. He wanted to ask about one of our systems, alternatively, write a new system for him. We were talking a few minutes about his needs. I informed him that projects like this need to consult with my CEO. After that call, I passed the information along to my boss. We talked a while and we came to a conclusion that could be an interesting project. Next day, he arranged a meeting and said to me: „I would like you to participate in this conversation”. I was so excited and I didn’t believe that. I was writing about my curiosity about IT systems and when I heard his idea I felt THAT is happening for real. I am in it. That was awesome.

Next day I was researching the industry of our potential Client because I wanted to prepare myself to the conversation well. That was a hard task, I didn’t know this industry at all. I thought I’ll focus on doing the notes, that was the plan. To be honest I was so stressed that I didn’t speak anything. All conversation lasted almost two hours. I wrote down a lot of new words, websites, and technology which I should get to know.

I have to grant that my boss impressed to me himself knowledge about… all. Yes, I exaggerate but that was cool. A client told something about some website, and my boss „Ok, we can use their API because have X and Y” and that was every time. He knew everything almost, who, where and why. I thought „Wow he’s good”.

I appreciate that I could participate in this conversation. I convinced how many different things need to consider before starting the system’s architecture designing. Being the part of something like that from start is very teaching.

Advice for today: If you have a chance to learn something new, use that and develop yourself. Listening to people who have valuable knowledge is the key to find a road to be the best in your field.

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