Devpost #10 Finally I started using git.

One of the most important tools at developer work is a git, distributed version-control system. It’s a very famous tool, which uses the majority of Programmers. On the Internet, we have a lot of guides on how to use this, but I couldn’t overcome myself to start using git.

One week ago I finally understood that. I haven’t use git by the simple reason, because didn’t need this. Now, I have two computers PC and ultrabook sometimes I’m switching between these. For example, in the morning I’m programming outside and in the evening in my room using a PC. You know, I want to have my code on both these computers and at this moment arrives git! At long last, I had a reason to start work with git. Now I use just a few the most important command, as git add, git commit, you know that shit. I’m really happy about that because a lot of job offers has in the requirements is an acquaintance of git.

Before Easter, I bought a „Git course” by Maciej Aniserowicz from I bought this course for 199 PLN, that was a discount. I’m watching his video on Youtube etc. and I know that is a good man and I can trust him. I was learning a little bit, but I didn’t end this course. At the moment when I noticed that need to use git, found a quick introducing on Youtube and it emerged that isn’t difficult as I thought.

I know that in front of me a lot of work, branches, work with other people, etc. but now I can deal with it because I felt a real need. Now I understand that git is very helpful and I’m glad that started using this.

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