Devpost #9 I started to learn PHP.

When I started a new job, the CEO told me: „If you want, may learn PHP and soon work as Junior PHP Developer”. Since then something changed in my approach to becoming a Programmer. Because of I never believed that I can be a Programmer and now someone told me, paraphrasing „Job is waiting for you.” That was game-changer for me. Ok, I’m still not confident in this matter, but I did a huge step in my mind.

I bought a book about PHP but isn’t a book like by other programming Bibles. It’s named „Praktyczne PHP” by Marcin Wesel. It’s a book by a Polish Programmer. The translated title of this book is „Practical PHP”. This book is the best introducing to PHP for a newbie like me. Has a little over 200 pages and we can find there very practical functions and other stuff, which able us to create a simple but useful app or website. Content isn’t overwhelming, what makes you keen on what’s on a next page. I’ll want to write more about this book in the future, maybe the author will give some discount for you. 🙂 One more thing, pretty cover. Seriously, is really nice. I don’t like covers with swan or other animals, you know what I mean. „Praktyczne PHP” has a cool modern cover. Check that!

Now, I create a register for teachers and use things which I learned so far. I want to repeat and solidify knowledge, therefore, my code isn’t the best. I create MVP, it must just work, nothing more. I wrote a script which enables login / log out and user dashboard. Today I’ll write a function which able user to add and delete the grade. Next, I’ll start a chapter about OOP. I’m really curious about that because I know quite a bit about that. Should be fun.

Summing up, again I desire writing code and it’s a big motivation for me. This autumn I’ll begin my adventure as a Programmer, I promise. That’s my major goal. Let’s do that!

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