Devpost #8 Remote work. What does my day look like?

We have Friday! My third week in the new job draw to an end. Time to end the last tasks and start the weekend. Today I want to talk about my plain day because a lot of things did change. Is 07:00 am, coffee is ready, the sun is shining. That will be a nice day.

Every day I wake up about 06:00 am, eat scrambled eggs or sandwiches. Then, I go for a walk. I live in the countryside, near the forest and I’m walking through the meadows and forests. That relaxes me and allow to charges of batteries.

At 08:00 am I start my work, it’s the best hour to start work ever, really. I check emails, usually is just a few, yet. Next, I go on Trello and look at what I should do on this day. Recently, I was working on a guide for our system’s users. That was cool, but a little bit tiring. You know, you must be focused and creative, because I had to explain how to do something in the system, which user was never using. Addition to that, I was making and editing images.

Another task was to choose the CRM system. I spent one all day, on testing a few systems. That was a really important lesson. I learned many things about CRM systems, about their options, offers for enterprises and what to look for during choosing. Other things were, researching, some designing and work with copywriter Ola.

At 02:00 pm I have a break for dinner. After that, I’m lazy, therefore for the end, I leave simple tasks. My official end of work is at 04:00 pm, but sometimes I close earlier, for example on Thursday, when I go on English lessons. I like flexible work time and my job, that’s why sometimes I work evening because I feel that project.

I have no problem with distracted by Facebook, games and being lazy. If you doing something that’s interesting for you, you will have no problem with work about it. Sometimes I’m stressed, time to create sales and marketing strategy is coming and that’s the f**king responsible case, but this challenge turns me on. I want to deal with that and I’ll do that. Because I believe… in this project and in myself.

PS. I promise, in next post will be other miniature, not every time desk with a laptop on it.

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  1. Hi Kacper,
    I read some posts on your blog and you are doing amazing.
    I am also foreign that loves technology and development. I found your blog as I was trying to find an available domain to build my own blog. lol
    As a not native person, I know how hard is to learn and improve in English. So I would like to share a free tool that I use to write called Grammarly (I use as an extension to the google chrome, there are free and pay plans. I use the free one and it works perfectly for me).
    Note: in this line „At 02:00 pm I have a break for dinner.” I think you want to say lunch, instead of dinner.

    I hope I’ve helped. Have a great day.

    Fernanda D’agostin.

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