Devpost #7. Easter update.

Hello everyone! There was a small break from blogging. I don’t want to write for coercion, I just want to have fun while running a blog. Over a month I got a job offer from my old colleague from Katowice.  He’s the CEO of an interactive agency. They making an advertisement, videos, websites, and applications for enterprises. Unfortunately, I’ll not be work as a developer, but I’ll be near them. I quit my job at the warehouse, that was the worst time in my life haha. I hate jobs like this, you know, physical work. I respect those people because it’s a really tiring job. Believe me, my spine thinks the same. Now, I’ll be work in my house! I’m so happy because that was my dream, have a try remote work. I want to write about it more, how it looks like in my case. About my job, I’ll write if my boss agrees, you know, privacy policy and others stuff like that.

I want to be honest with you and self, I have little crisis with my programming learning. I can’t explain, I don’t understand that too. I’m curious about IT, programming, etc. But I can’t find my way, maybe it’s too early for that. I’m angry at myself because I study „Core Java” book and I don’t create real apps. My code is not useful and that upsets me. I guess I should buy some JAVA course.

From now I’ll be blogging regularly. I want to do it more professionally. I wonder if that’s will be interesting for someone. That’s it for today, see you soon!

„Stay hungry, stay foolish”

Steve Jobs

It isn’t his quote, he read it in some paper and told that on Stanford in his speech.

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