Devpost #6. How to copy a multidimensional array. Job for junior?

I’m writing about a few Java methods and my thoughts, about learning programming. No time, let’s start.

Arrays.deepToString(); This method is used for quick print multidimensional array. Just it. But you have to know that multidimensional arrays are actually only one array with his own arrays (arrays arrays.) In addition, it gives us one more thing. We can change places of rows. It’s simple:

1. Create a new array and assign index which you want to change( For example: a[i] ). This array is temporary, just for copy elements.

2. Now, assign for a[i] new value a[i + 1]. (Rows, which you want to change. At this moment new value jump to a[i] place.)

3. Finally your copied elements from temporary array, assign to a[i + 1], because you took elements from a[i + 1], this „container” is empty, and a[i] is in the temporary array, so we must throw this elements to empty place  after a[i + 1].

Enough code for today. My second thing is looking for job in IT like a junior. I have a goal, in nine months find a job in IT. Great idea, I have a main goal, commitment and power to work, but I see a little problem. I’m not completely beginner, but I my knowledge is too small to get a job as programmer. „What I need to know, before interview?”. That question flooding the Internet. I research a job offers and a lot of times I can see for example”Requirements – Java. Nice to have: Git, SQL etc.” and next to Java requirement are two stars, grrr! This fucking stars of skills… What that is mean? I have to know a five hundred methods, or what? I know, each companies have a different requirement, but it’s big problem for me. I have a impostor syndrome and I need to see accurate thing to learn. When is the moment to send first CV? I’m not ignorant and don’t think about myself like about the best, master programmer with knowledge every technologies etc. I know my limitations, but I want to fix that. How find a way to set exact skills, which will help me way to the IT? 🙂

Thanks for today, see you next time!

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